CASA Volunteer of The Year 2024

Jamie Nisbet was recognized as CASA volunteer of the year because of her outstanding advocacy for 3 children over 3 years and counting. She truly demonstrates the importance of having a consistent CASA volunteer. She knows each of the children’s individual needs and has been a positive presence in their lives as they have had placement changes, new caretakers and new case managers. She knows all the significant details and dates, met and unmet needs, and provides the court with thorough court reports every 90 days. She has navigated some complex family dynamics with a calm and steady presence, always keeping the team members focused on the best interests of the children.  Her testimony was key to getting the children stabilized in new homes that are much better able to meet their needs and to provide needed supports, stability and permanency in the long run. Jamie is committed to seeing the children through to their cases being closed, with them in permanent homes.

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