Unpacking the Evaluation Report and Reevaluation Report (Open to Volunteers Only)

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Did you know that a student's Evaluation Report (ER) and Reevaluation Report (RR) documents provide essential information for developing and refining her IEP? By familiarizing yourself with these documents and the data that they contain, you can enhance your effectiveness as an EDM advocate at the IEP Team Meeting. Join Amy Eisen for a session to orient you to and navigate you through the ER and RR. All attendees are encouraged to bring in questions and concerns about their individual student's Evaluation Reports and/or Reevaluation Reports. 

Ms. Eisen has been serving students with special needs, their families and teachers for over 35 years. Her professional background includes pediatric occupational therapist, certified school psychologist and, most recently, school administrator.

Volunteers will earn 2 hours of in-service training credits for attending this training.

Please RSVP to Program Director Cynthia Mason at: cynthia.mason@casaphiladelphia.org if you would like to attend this training.  

Lucretia Mott Room, Friends Center
1501 Cherry Street
19102 Philadelphia, PA